Chat #3: The underestimated role of rRNA removal from FFPE and liquid biopsy samples: Generating consistent on-target reads for miRNA and gene expression data.

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Researchers identifying miRNA and mRNA biomarkers from FFPE and biofluid samples using RNA-seq can encounter issues caused by incomplete or inconsistent removal of ribosomal RNA (rRNA).  rRNA from FFPE samples and exosomal vesicles notoriously contains highly fragmented rRNA that is missed by existing hybrid capture and enzymatic digestion methods. Excess rRNA causes difficulty with obtaining consistent data as well as determining sensitivity of the experiment – and can compromise detection of less abundant mRNA transcripts.

Recent advances in QIAGEN’s rRNA and globin removal technologies for liquid biopsy samples has resulted in the development of two new kits, the QIAseq FastSelect -rRNA removal HMR kit and QIAseq FastSelect Globin Removal kit, for researchers who want to obtain high quality mRNA biomarkers from exosomal or blood samples.  FastSelect HMR is an improved formulation over our first generation FastSelect reagent, allowing researchers to remove rRNA from human, mouse, rat and other mammalian species using the same reagent for all and with just a single pipet step and more rapid 14 minute incubation.  

Join QIAGEN’s RNA-seq R&D team for a discussion on best practices and simply workflows for miRNA and mRNA biomarkers FFPE and biofluid samples, followed by Q&A with our experts.