Gene expression profiling: Getting meaningful insights from low-quantity samples

Gene expression profiling determines the genes expressed in a cell at any given moment. It measures mRNA levels, showing the pattern of genes expressed by a cell at the transcription level. Having adequate quantities of RNA is often a prerequisite. With advances in technology, you can identify novel changes in gene expression from low-quantities of total RNA.

In this webinar, we will discuss:
1. How QIAGEN Genomic Services applies the power of QIAseq Ultraplex (UPX) 3’ Transcriptome chemistry to sequence and quantify relevant genes
2. How you can take advantage of cost-effective, scaled sequencing of 1000's of samples from only 10 ng of total RNA

Brian M. Dugan, MS, Global Product Manager

Brian Dugan is the Global Product Manager for QIAGEN's miRNA portfolio. Brian Received his MS from Georgetown University in molecular biology. Previously he has worked in marketing and business development positions for NGS testing, as well as research at Eunice Shriver NICHD.