RNeasy UCP Micro Kit

For purification of up to 45 µg total RNA from small or low biomass samples


  • Ultra-Clean Production (UCP) of spin columns and buffers
  • RNA isolation without exogenous nucleic acids for RNA-Seq of low abundance targets
  • Consistent RNA yields from very small amounts of starting material
RNeasy UCP Micro Kit (50)

Cat. No. / ID: 73934

50 RNeasy UCP MinElute Spin Columns, Collection Tubes (1.5 ml and 2 ml), RNase-Free DNase I, RNase-Free Reagents and UCP Buffers.

Product Details

The RNeasy UCP Micro Kit is designed for purification of up to 45 μg RNA from small or low biomass samples. The spin columns and buffers are treated to remove exogenous nucleic acids. RNeasy UCP Micro technology combines the selective binding properties of an ultra-clean, silica-based membrane with the speed of microspin technology. Ultra-clean guanidine-thiocyanate–containing lysis buffer RULT and ethanol are added to the sample to create conditions that promote selective binding of RNA to the RNeasy UCP MinElute membrane. The sample is then applied to the RNeasy UCP MinElute spin column and RNA binds to the silica membrane. Traces of DNA that may copurify are removed by DNase treatment on the RNeasy UCP MinElute spin column. DNase and any contaminants are washed away with ultra-clean wash buffers RUWT and RUPE, and high-quality total RNA is eluted in ultra-clean water (see figure RNeasy UCP Micro Kit Procedure). With the RNeasy UCP Micro procedure, all RNA molecules longer than 200 nucleotides are purified. The procedure enriches for mRNA, since most RNAs <200 nucleotides are selectively excluded. Tissue samples can be conveniently stabilized using RNAprotect Tissue Reagent or Allprotect Tissue Reagent, and efficiently disrupted using a TissueRuptor or TissueLyser system.


The RNeasy UCP Micro Kit delivers highly reproducible yields of RNA (>200 nt) from small samples. RNA is reliably purified from small numbers of cells, as well as from small amounts of standard tissues. The RNeasy UCP Micro Kit provides maximum sensitivity in quantitative gene expression analyses, such as real-time RT-PCR and NGS, by efficient on-column digestion of genomic DNA. Ultra-clean production minimizes the risk of copurification and subsequent analysis of exogenous nucleic acids.


The RNeasy UCP Micro Kit is designed for isolation of total RNA from small cell or tissue samples and low biomass samples, and for use in sensitive applications such as NGS deep sequencing. The kit components are decontaminated to minimize noise from exogenous DNA / RNA and increase reads of sample DNA / RNA in NGS. RNeasy technology simplifies total RNA isolation by combining the stringency of guanidine-isothiocyanate lysis with the speed and purity of silica-membrane purification. The unique design of the RNeasy MinElute spin columns enables minimal elution volumes, as little as 10 µl, to concentrate the RNA. The small elution volume means that reaction volumes can be kept to a minimum in downstream applications, increasing reaction efficiency. High purity with minimal residual background from exogenous nucleic acids allows the complete sample to be used in downstream reactions such as NGS.


The RNeasy UCP Micro Kit is designed for isolating total RNA from small samples. Samples (<5 mg tissue, or <5 x 105 cells) are first lysed and then homogenized. Ethanol is added to the lysate to provide ideal binding conditions. The lysate is then loaded onto the RNeasy UCP MinElute spin column and RNA (up to 45 µg) binds to the silica membrane. RNase-free DNase, provided in the RNeasy UCP Micro Kit, enables simple and efficient on-column digestion of genomic DNA for sensitive applications. DNase and any contaminants are efficiently washed away and pure, concentrated RNA is eluted in 10–14 µl water.


Highly reproducible isolation of pure RNA in a small elution volume (10 µl) makes this kit suitable for sensitive, quantitative gene expression analyses, including real-time RT-PCR starting with as little as one cell.

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ApplicationsNext-generation sequencing, end-point RT-PCR, quantitative, real-time RT-PCR, array analysis
FormatSpin column
YieldVaries (depends on sample type, size and RNA contents)
Sample amount<5 mg tissue or 5 x 105 cells
Time per run30–40 minutes
Main sample typeTissue, cells, low biomass samples
TechnologySilica technology, ultra-clean production
Elution volume10–20 µl
Purification of total RNA, miRNA, poly A+ mRNA, DNA or proteinRNA (> 200 nt, to enrich mRNA)


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