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Rotor-Gene AssayManager

For routine testing with Rotor-Gene Q and QIAsymphony RGQ instruments
  • Standardized, fully automated real-time PCR analysis
  • Maximized process safety and ease of use
  • Unprecedented flexibility for all routine testing demands
  • CE-IVD compliant QIAGEN assays (in preparation) and user-defined tests
  • Enhanced lab productivity with optimized workflows
Rotor-Gene AssayManager software is used in combination with Rotor-Gene Q MDx and QIAsymphony RGQ instruments for routine testing. This intuitive software manages all tasks associated with running real-time PCR assays offering enhanced convenience, standardization, and flexibility. Fully automated analysis and interpretation of results minimizes human error, delivering results you can trust. With an extensive range of artus QS-RGQ Kits for a CE-IVD compliant workflow (in preparation) as well as the flexibility of user defined tests, Rotor-Gene AssayManager covers the demands of routine testing laboratories.

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