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GeneRead QIAcube

For automating and streamlining library template preparation 
  • Significant reduction of hands-on time and increased reproducibility
  • Scalable preparation of between 1 and 4 library sequencing template pools in parallel
  • Intuitive touchscreen guiding you through set-up
  • Built on the success of the QIAcube platform
  • Proven performance with the GeneReader NGS System
The GeneRead QIAcube provides affordable automation for the clonal amplification step of next-generation sequencing template preparation. With a small footprint and intuitive user interface, the GeneRead QIAcube reduces hands-on time to less than 40 minutes and enables simultaneous preparation of multiple library pools. 

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Cat No./ID: 9002344
GeneRead QIAcube (110 V)
Robotic workstation for automation of clonal amplification: includes installation and training, 1 year warranty on parts and labor  
Cat No./ID: 9002345
GeneRead QIAcube (230 V)
Robotic workstation for automation of clonal amplification: includes installation and training, 1 year warranty on parts and labor  
Cat No./ID: 990332
Filter-Tips, 200 µl, (1024)
Disposable Filter-Tips, racked; (8 x 128). For use with the QIAcube and the QIAsymphony SP/AS instruments
Cat No./ID: 990394
Rotor Adapters (10 x 24)
For 240 preps: 240 Disposable Rotor Adapters and 240 Elution Tubes (1.5 ml); for use with the QIAcube
The GeneRead QIAcube is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Please note: The GeneReader NGS System is currently only available with proprietary new sequencing chemistry in the US. Legacy sequencing chemistry is only available ex-US.

Product Details

The GeneRead QIAcube is designed to automate clonal amplification using the GeneRead Clonal Amp Q Kit. The GeneRead QIAcube controls integrated components, including a centrifuge, heated shaker, magnetic station, pipetting system and robotic gripper. The GeneRead QIAcube has been validated with the GeneReader NGS System.
The GeneRead QIAcube instrument is operated via the integrated and intuitive GUI which allows you to select and run protocols and save data files. The user is guided step by step through the workdeck set-up and running of protocols. No additional user documentation is required.When the GeneRead QIAcube is running, the touchscreen displays information on protocol status and the remaining run time. The instrument allows for preparation of 4 library pools per run. Manual interactions are reduced to 40 min for template preparation of 4 library pools. By multiplexing the output capacity can be increased to up to 40 samples per run using 4 x 10 plex.
The GeneRead QIAcube is designed to automate the relevant steps of the template preparation for the GeneReader NGS System platform. 

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