When exosomes talk,
cells listen

Learn the talk of exosomes and communicate your findings to the world!

Exosome communication between cells is more than just idle chatter. The molecular contents of exosomes and extracellular vesicles (EVs) can provide clues to cell health, disease status and more. Learn how QIAGEN’s exosome isolation and RNA purification technologies can help advance your most challenging liquid biopsy investigations. Begin your discovery into the secrets of cell communication, cancer, aging and disease!

Exosome BioArt Poster

Every picture tells a story. Download and print our illustrated Exosome BioArt Poster for your lab and discovery the secrets of exosomes.
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New expanded exoRNeasy offerings

ExoRNeasy Kit can now be used with the following biofluids:
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Exosomes demystified with easy-to-use technologies

On-demand exosome webinar

"Next-Generation Sequencing to Understand the Function of miRNAs in Human IPSC-Cardiomyocyte Disease Models."

Presented by Dr. Ulrich Broeckel and Ms. Amy Turner (Department of Pediatrics, Medical College of Wisconsin)
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Exosome Resource Center

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