Back to basics of PCR: comprehensive end-point PCR tips and tricks

Ever struggled with primer problems and annealing conditions? Ever wondered why your PCR didn't work out quite right? Then join this webinar on end-point PCR Beginner's Guide with tips and tricks you won't find in the textbooks. In the end, we also provide the link to download the updated PCR guide. 

Some of the highlights:
• A new feature on multiplex PCR for genotyping
• New solutions for PCR fragments analysis
• Extensive FAQs and troubleshooting tips

Ina Scheuerpflug

Ina Scheuerflug

Ina Scheuerpflug, PhD is a Global Market Director in Discovery Sciences at QIAGEN, and has written on a number of scientific publications in the scientific area and has focused at QIAGEN on gene expression and gene regulation on a global level. She received her PhD at the Max-Plank-Institut for Biology in 1996, studying bacterial pilus adhesion and the interaction to the human host receptor/signaling pathway. Ina has a keen interest and solid knowledge in the emerging importance of gene expression studies.