Next-generation transcriptome and miRNome sequencing: Intelligent approaches to insightful outcomes

Next-generation transcriptome and miRNome sequencing are routinely performed on traditional cell or tissue samples, as well as more difficult samples such as FFPE samples and biofluids. Regardless of starting material, high-performance solutions are required for sample prep, library prep, sequencing and data analysis to unlock the secrets hidden in your samples – whether they are differentially-expressed genes/miRNAs, gene fusions or SNPs. Furthermore, it is often prudent to outsource the entire workflow to a service provider, to achieve actionable insights quickly. In this webinar, you will learn about best practices, considerations and tips for sample prep, library prep, sequencing and data analysis/interpretation. Also, we will discuss what to look for when selecting a sequencing core.

Whatever your interest in RNA sequencing, this webinar will be of great interest!  Join us for a Sample to Insight discussion of RNA sequencing with Dr. Jonathan Shaffer, Associate Director of NGS Assay Technologies.

Jonathan Shaffer, Ph.D.

Jonathan M. Shaffer
Dr. Shaffer joined QIAGEN in 2009 and has since worked with various technology development groups, the most recent being miRNA technologies. He received his Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular genetics from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 2008 where his research focused on determining the mechanisms that regulate non-receptor tyrosine kinase expression and activity. Dr. Shaffer did his postdoctoral training at SABiosciences Corporation, now part of QIAGEN. Currently, Dr. Shaffer is a Senior Scientist in Product Development at QIAGEN.