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Qproteome Cell Compartment Kit

For fractionation of proteins according to cellular location


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Cat No./ID: 37502
Qproteome Cell Compartment Kit
For up to 10 subcellular fractionations*: Extraction buffers, Protease Inhibitor Solution, Benzonase®.
The Qproteome Cell Compartment Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

Use of the Qproteome Cell Compartment Kit allows simple and effective cell compartment-specific localization of marker proteins from isolated cells (see figure "Specific Separation of Marker Proteins" and to  "Localization of Proteins in Cells Under Different Growth Conditions") or from tissue samples (see figure "Localization of Proteins in Tissue Samples").

The kit contains 4 Extraction Buffers which enable the sequential isolation of proteins associated with the cytosol, membranes, nucleus, and cytoskeleton from cell lysates or tissues.


The 4 Extraction Buffers are added sequentially to a cell pellet and the respective fractions are isolated by centrifugation (see flowchart).

In an alternative protocol for tissues, samples are simultaneously homogenized and disrupted using the TissueRuptor before being processed as for the cell pellet.


Subcellular fractionation of proteins can be used for the enrichment of low-abundance species; to define the subcellular localization of enzymes, regulatory, and structural proteins; and for monitoring of compartmental redistribution of biomolecules under basal and stimulated conditions.


Applications SDS-PAGE, mass spectrometry
Binding capacity/yield Varies
Fractions isolated Four fractions
Sample size ~5 x 10e6 cells
Species Eukaryotes
Start material Cell lysate

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