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QIAxpert System
For accelerated DNA, RNA, and protein quantification and quality control
    • Quantify nucleic acids from up to 16 samples in less than 2 minutes
    • Discriminate between molecules of interest using unique spectral protocols
    • Determine specific amounts of DNA, RNA, and other contaminating fractions
    • Rapidly perform analyses via the intuitive, full-color integrated touchscreen
    • Generate comprehensive reports to view on any computer or smart device
QIAxcel Advanced System
For effortless DNA and RNA analysis
    • Rapid analysis of up to 96 samples without manual intervention
    • Safety and convenience with ready-to-use gel cartridges
    • Accurate analysis of low concentration nucleic acids with 3–5 bp resolution
    • User-friendly analysis software that supports electronic signatures and records
    • Objective RNA quality measurement with new RNA Integrity Score (RIS)