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Investigator HDplex Kit

For multiplex amplification of 12 non-standard STR loci to give additional discriminatory power

  • Unique kit with non-standard autosomal STRs
  • 12 polymorphic STR markers distributed over 11 autosomes
  • High discriminatory power for kinship analysis
  • Reliable differentiation of forensic samples from related individuals

The Investigator HDplex Kit amplifies a set of STR markers, most of which are not featured in commonly used marker standards. This enables the reliable differentiation of forensic samples derived from related individuals and gives heightened discriminatory power in these demanding cases. The genetic analysis is calibrated with BT5 Matrix, an optimized dye technology.

Cat No./ID: 381215
Investigator HDplex Kit (100)
Primer Mix, Reaction Mix, Multi Taq2 Polymerase, Control DNA, DNA Size Standard 550 (BTO), Allelic Ladder HDplex, and Nuclease-Free Water

The Investigator HDplex Kit has been validated using the GeneAmp 9700 thermal cycler (in standard mode), and the ABI PRISM 310, ABI PRISM 3100, and Applied Biosystems 3130 Genetic Analyzers.

The recommended amount of DNA under standard conditions is 0.35 ng. Internal validations demonstrated robust and balanced results with 0.2–1.0 ng DNA, and reliable results with <0.1 ng DNA.


The Investigator HDplex Kit enables the simultaneous amplification of 13 STR markers (D2S1360, D3S1744, D4S2366, D5S2500, D6S474, D7S1517, D8S1132, D10S2325, D12S391, D18S51, D21S2055, SE33, and the gender-specific Amelogenin). These markers include some highly polymorphic STR markers that are not included in commonly used standards enabling higher discrimination in difficult cases.

The twelve polymorphic STR markers and Amelogenin are simultaneously amplified and labeled with the dyes listed in the table "Investigator HDplex Kit dyes and corresponding markers".

The amplified loci undergo capillary electrophoresis. The results can be analyzed using dedicated software, such as QIAGEN's Investigator IDproof or IDproof Mixture Software. See the table "Technical specifications" for more information.

Investigator HDplex Kit dyes and corresponding markers
6-FAM Amelogenin D7S1517 D3S1744 D12S391  D2S1360 D6S474 D4S2366
BTG D8S1132 D5S2500 D18S51 D21S2055
BTY D10S2325 SE33
Technical specifications
Volume per amplifciation reaction 25 μl
Matrix BT5
Fluorescence labels 6-FAM, BTG, BTY, BTO
Genetic analyzers ABI PRISM 310, ABI PRISM 3100/3100-Avant, Applied Biosystems 3130/3130xl, or Applied Biosystems 3500/3500xL Genetic Analyzers
Software for analysis QIAGEN Investigator IDproof or Investigator IDproof Mixture Software, or Applied Biosystems GeneMapper ID, GeneMapper ID-X, or Genotyper Software

The Investigator HDplex Kit enables reliable generation of DNA profiles from blood, buccal swabs, and forensic stains. Thanks to the STR markers used, this kit is highly suited for:

Difficult forensic cases involving related individuals
Difficult paternity cases
Population genetic studies
Other human identity testing applications involving related individuals

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