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QIAvac 96


  • 减少样品操作,加快处理
  • 平行样品处理
  • 简单清洗内部组件

QIAvac 96用于高效、平行的真空驱动处理QIAGEN 96孔板。

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Cat No./ID: 19504
QIAvac 96
Vacuum manifold for processing QIAGEN 96-well plates: includes QIAvac 96 Top Plate, Base, Waste Tray, Plate Holder, Rack of Collection Microtubes (1.2 ml)

Product Details


96孔板纯化模块位于QIAvac 96上层板,样本和缓冲液可高效通过孔。在处理过程中,QIAvac 96的基底配有额外模块、废物托盘或收集容器(如Collection Microtubes或96孔微板等)。因此样本可从模块流出,避免费时的标记和转移步骤。




QIAvac 96适用于配合以下试剂盒使用:

质粒中量制备:QIAGEN Plasmid Plus 96 Miniprep Kit, QIAwell 96 Ultra Plasmid Kit, QIAprep 96 Plus Miniprep Kit, QIAprep 96 Turbo Miniprep Kit, R.E.A.L. Prep 96 Plasmid Kit
DNA回收:QIAquick 96 PCR Purification Kit
总RNA提取:RNeasy 96 Kit(也可配合96-Well-Plate Centrifugation System使用)
亚硫酸氢盐转化gDNA:EpiTect 96 Bisulfite Kit(也可配合96-Well-Plate Centrifugation System使用)
miRNA纯化:miRNeasy 96 Kit

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试剂盒操作手册 (1)
For QIAvac 24, QIAvac 6S, QIAvac 96, Vacuum Regulator
补充实验方案 (2)
The two protocols given below are for the use of the Ni-NTA Superflow 96 BioRobot® Kit in manual procedures. The kit has been specially designed and optimized for automated 6xHis-tagged protein purification on QIAGEN® BioRobot Systems. For more details of the advantages of BioRobot Systems see the Ni-NTA Superflow 96 BioRobot Kit Handbook supplied with the kit or contact one of the QIAGEN Technical Service Departments or local distributors listed on the last page of the handbook.

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