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Buffer ATL


    Buffer ATL为组织裂解缓冲液。该产品提供两种规格,200 ml用于制备1000个样本,或4 x 50 ml适用于QIAsymphony SP核酸提取纯化分析仪病原体实验方案。

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    Cat No./ID: 19076
    Buffer ATL (200 ml)
    200 ml Tissue Lysis Buffer for 1000 preps
    Cat No./ID: 939011
    Buffer ATL (4 x 50 ml)
    4 x 50 ml Tissue Lysis Buffer for use in purification of nucleic acids

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    用户开发的实验方案 (1)
    This protocol has been adapted by the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) Crime Laboratory from the standard QIAGEN pretreatment for casework samples, and is intended for the lysis and extraction of DNA from forensic samples of fired (casings) and unfired (cartridges) ammunition.
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