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DNA Isolation Service

For isolation of high-quality genomic DNA for use in most downstream genomics applications
  • Uses appropriate kits for the downstream application
  • Quantitation and estimation of DNA purity
  • DNA samples can be shipped to customer
QIAGEN offers DNA isolation services, typically in the context of the following services: mutation detection and profiling, SNP analysis or copy number variation.

Please contact us for further product information, or technical questions.
Cat No./ID: 338904
DNA Isolation Service
DNA isolation services
The DNA Isolation Service is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
The DNA Isolation Service provides DNA isolation typically in the context of the following services: Biomarker Mutation PCR Arrays, QIAseq targeted DNA panels, SNP analysis or copy number variation.
DNA is extracted from samples using an appropriate kit. DNA is quantified and purity is estimated using a spectrophotometer. Information regarding the DNA concentration and quality is provided upon request. Samples can be shipped to the customer or used in a Service Core for Gene Expression and Genomic Analysis application.

Contact QIAGEN Genomic Services to order or to discuss your specific need at BRC.Service@qiagen.com.
High-quality DNA is suitable for use in applications including mutation detection, SNP identification or copy number variation.

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