DNeasy PowerLyzer PowerSoil Kit

For the bead-based isolation of DNA from tough soil microbes


  • Optimized to lyse tough microbes and isolate DNA using the PowerLyzer 24 Homogenizer
  • Highly purified DNA produced with Inhibitor Removal Technology that removes humic acid
  • Ready-to-use, high-quality DNA for downstream applications
  • Short and simple protocol for DNA isolation from up to 250 mg samples in just 30 minutes
DNeasy PowerLyzer PowerSoil Kit (50)

Cat. No. / ID: 12855-50

For the bead-based isolation of DNA from tough soil microbes
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The DNeasy PowerLyzer PowerSoil Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

Using novel Inhibitor Removal Technology, extract microbial DNA from all soil types with the DNeasy PowerLyzer PowerSoil Kit. Successful qPCR amplification is possible with isolated DNA of the highest level of purity. Processing a wide variety of environmental samples, especially those with a high humic acid content can be done effectively and efficiently with this kit.

The bead tubes contained in this kit are optimized for bead based homogenizers, particularly the PowerLyzer 24 Homogenizer, also available through QIAGEN. Pure microbial genomic DNA can be easily purified from compost, sediment, manure and other environmental samples and successfully amplified by qPCR. A variety of organisms have been detected from samples purified by the DNeasy PowerLyzer PowerSoil Kit, including both Gram (+/-) bacteria (e.g., Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus anthracis), fungi (e.g., yeasts, molds), algae and actinomycetes (e.g., Streptomyces) and nematodes. Genetic material processed is ready for a variety of downstream applications including next-generation sequencing. 

Isolation of DNA using the DNeasy PowerLyzer PowerSoil Kit can be automated on the QIAcube Connect.

DNeasy PowerLyzer PowerSoil Kit was formerly sold by MO BIO as PowerLyzer PowerSoil DNA Kit.


Sample typesProcessed soil, fecal, water, food, insects, swabs with PCR inhibitors
ProcessingBead beating
FormatSilica Spin Filter Tubes
Throughput1-24 samples
Time per run or per prep30 minutes
Binding capacityUp to 20 µg per prep
Storage temperatureStore at room temperature(15-30°C)
Bead size0.1 mm glass
Sample size0.25 g


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