Custom QIAseq UPX 3' Targeted RNA Panels

QIAseq UPX 3' Targeted RNA Panel (96)
Reverse transcription reagents for 3' targeted RNA sequencing, including custom pool of primers. Panels are available in 96, 96-M and 384 formats.
The QIAseq UPX 3' Targeted RNA Panel Builder is an online tool used to build fully customized panels for 3' gene expression using RNA-seq. Start building a custom panel by pasting your genes into the custom designer or selecting our curated collection of pathway maps and panels.

  • Target up to 1000 genes using cost-effective, time-saving single-tube library prep
  • QIAGEN bioinformatics automatically includes all of the known 3’ variants for each gene in your panel
  • LNA-enhanced chemistry for increased accuracy, specificity and sensitivity
  • UMIs eliminate library amplification bias for accurate gene expression
  • Includes cloud-based read alignment and single-cell or low-input analysis
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