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cis-Repressed pQE Vector Set

For cis-repressed high-level expression of N-terminally 6xHis-tagged proteins


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Cat No./ID: 32943
cis-Repressed pQE Kan Vector Set
25 ug each: pQE-80-L-Kan, pQE-81L-Kan, pQE-82L-Kan


All three reading frames provided Yes
Antibiotic resistance cis-Repressed pQE Vector Set: Ampicillin; cis-Repressed pQE KAN Vector Set: Kanamycin
Expression In vivo
Expression species E. coli
In-frame cloning necessary Yes
N- or C-terminal tag N-terminal tag
Special features Additional expression of the laclq gene
Tag 6xHis tag
Tag removal sequence No

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