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Rotor-Gene Type-it HRM Discovery Kit

For demonstration and evaluation of successful HRM-based genotyping analysis on the Rotor-Gene Q
  • Successful evaluation of HRM-based genotyping on the Rotor-Gene Q
  • Includes 2 preoptimized HRM assays (class IV A/T SNP and deletion)
  • Complete kit format with master mix, assays, and template DNA
  • Distinct melting curves due to novel EvaGreen fluorescent dye

The Rotor-Gene Type-it HRM Discovery Kit has been developed to demonstrate the high performance of Type-it HRM chemistry, in combination with the advanced thermal and optical properties of Rotor-Gene Q, for detection of gene mutations and SNPs. The reliability and reproducibility of high-resolution melting (HRM) analysis with Rotor-Gene technologies is thoroughly evaluated using the Rotor-Gene Type-it HRM Discovery Kit. For a wealth of information on this unique technology and its successful utilization in a range of research fields, please visit our HRM Spotlight.

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